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Ryan Gosling in Barbie Movie

Fans have noticed a change in Ryan Gosling’s face over the past few years.

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie managed to do all the work on Barbie. The film continues to rise to the top, garnering great acclaim and success.

As we will reveal in this sequel, Ryan Gosling pushed himself behind the scenes. This is also true in the gym. His colleague Simu Liu gave his fans a snippet of Ryan’s dedication to the gym and as expected, the actor motivated himself and some for work. We will reveal another change that fans and media have been speculating about. This is related to the noticeable changes in the actor’s face over the years. We will reveal if there is any truth to that, and explore how Gosling was able to channel his inner Ken for the role. The transition was easier than expected considering that he grew up in a family with women.

Ryan Gosling Was Constantly In The Gym During His Prep For Ken In The Barbie Film

Ryan Gosling with margot robbie in barbie film

Ryan Gosling worked behind the scenes before his role in Barbie, playing Ken. Now, when it comes to his actual preparation, information seems to be limited, and the same goes for Gosling’s diet and training in general. The information available seems to be vague and suggests that Gosling sticks to low-protein foods such as fish. It is said that the actor has also tried methods like Pilates and exercise in the past.

However, players finally got a bit of news thanks to Barbie’s teammate, Simu Liu. The actor revealed that Gosling had a strict workout regimen in the gym to prepare for the role. “Sure Ryan – 100%,” Liu said of those with similar plans in the gym.

“Obviously he does exercise in the morning, exercise after work. … As much as I believe I have a work ethic, I also really love food. Just hearing a little bit about, you know, just her diet and like the importance she puts into taking care of herself and her body, I feel like I respect her, I respect her. I’ll drink a soda.”

As expected, Gosling takes things up a notch in the gym. However, fans have seen another change in the actor, but this has not been confirmed by the man himself or anyone around him.

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Fans Think Ryan Gosling Got Fillers On His Face, But Hope That Isn’t The Case

On TikTok, a big debate caused the players to show a picture of Gosling a few years ago, compared to his current appearance these days. Fans have suggested, some say that the actor has done something wrong. Responses have been mixed, with many supporters hoping the speculation is untrue.

“I think the plastic eyes are what he’s going for, professional technique hehe.”

Another fan wrote, “Ryan you are as good as you are, don’t let age get to you!”

TikTok fans are always raising people who don’t want to use makeup, hoping that the artist keeps things creative. At the moment, these are just rumors, and it is possible that the goal is for Gosling to appear “brighter” when playing the role of Cain, which would have changed his face.

Ryan Gosling Admitted He Was Able To Channel Ken Organically During The Barbie Film

Ryan Gosling in Barbie Movie

Despite the complexity of such a role, Ryan Gosling admitted that the transition to Ken was easy and came naturally.

“It came naturally,” he told the paper. “I grew up in a house where women took care of me. I live now. My sister doesn’t have a Barbie, but she is my older sister and she is my hero.

As for his children, the work takes them a little. However, Gosling admits that children have their own relationship with Barbie, and it’s like a different world. “Barbie came to my house with a script, basically,” he explained. “What I like is that my children don’t wash their hair and wear clothes. None of them have the name Barbie.

He continued, “They all have complex stories, lives, relationships, hopes, dreams. It’s amazing how complex the worlds they create are.

Even Ken has a different name when his life is really not good. “They don’t call him Ken, one of them is Darrell. Darrell also works at a grocery store,” Gosling revealed.

It must have been a great experience for his children to see my father doing such work. As expected, Gosling has done well in the role as the film continues to gain praise and success.

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