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Suki Waterhouse

Suki’s Waterhouse looks like she’s intentionally leaving this co-star…

Suki Waterhouse recently came under fire when she recast her co-star, Nabiyah Be, in the Amazon music series, Daisy Jones and Six – directed by Elvis Presley’s grandson, Riley Keough, who has demonstrated her singing talent for the leader. Also known as the girlfriend of Robert Pattinson, the English actor was accused of “racism”, while others talked about how the beautiful man treated the former girlfriend FKA Twigs. “Tldr twigs got a lot of racist hate from him when they were together and he never supported it,” wrote one person on Reddit.

Others said that Keough’s cast members, Be, and even Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend Camila Morrone posted pictures of her with the four women, so it’s undeniable that Suki is deliberately excluding Nabiyah. .”

There are also screenshots of Waterhouse liking offensive content on social media. Before we get into what fans are saying about the model actor, here’s a look at his relationship with Pattinson, and his role in the miniseries.

How Long Have Robert Pattinson & Suki Waterhouse Been Dating?

Robert Pattinson Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse

Pattinson and Waterhouse were first linked in 2018. In January 2020, the two were rumored to be dating after the latter was seen wearing a gold ring on that finger. After a few months, they were taken out together. The first cover of GQ magazine stated that he was in London with his girlfriend, in the apartment rented by Batman.

In October 2020, a publication finally set the record straight on the engagement rumor.  “Rob and Suk have said to arrange but not quickly, ” they said there! The story.  “Suk does not maintain their stronger relationships than ever. ”

They went to one of the next 2023 – a shortage of red carpet as a couple. Three months earlier, Waterhouse told The Times, “I’m surprised to be happy with someone for almost five years.” I always get excited when I see their name pop up (on my phone) or even a text, and I think he feels the same way. We have a lot to talk about, and I enjoy it. ”

Who Did Suki Waterhouse Play In Daisy Jones And The Six?

Suki Waterhouse

Waterhouse played pianist Karen Sirko and Daisy Jones in six. “I really wanted this job, but maybe unconsciously, it was related to my desire to make a record,” he told Insider in February 2023, adding that he always wanted to have someone’s life. fear that I am really. attracted to the project because of that.”

He went on to say: “Then my life was connected to those two things, where I recorded my record while I was preparing Daisy Jones. That was a great gift that the company opened to us for two years, we went about three hours a day to work to become a team. That’s the main purpose of being like, “We can go on tour.”

The Love, Rosie alum released her album in May 2022 as she prepares for the film. “As my record was coming out because we were being delayed and we were being pushed back, it happened that the record was coming out while I was setting up,” he recalled, “which was like, kind of crazy. ”

Grateful for the coincidence, Waterhouse said: “Having got the job where I am now, I don’t know if those two things would have happened if it hadn’t been for someone. It’s a great gift that I got by playing this character.”

What Are Fans Saying About Suki Waterhouse Getting Canceled?

Speaking about the seeding rumor, a Reddit commenter explained that it did not go well because “in general, because a black woman when she is removed from the picture may not look like a big deal, it’s for us.”

They went on to say that “Black people, and especially black women in Hollywood, have spoken out many times about the mistreatment of their peers and peers and every time they do, they are called out” difficult to work with.”. I am angry at this removal.”

Another commented, saying “They targeted her for being racist, but she’s bigger than every other woman in this picture (on this stupid show) so it’s racist and outrage. The serious allegations also confirmed various earlier reports “about how Daisy Jones and Six is ​​changing the narrative for Hollywood women,” another said.

He “received backlash for leaving Nabiyah Be”, which the Redditor said was “deserved criticism”. As of this writing, neither party has commented on the photo shoot.

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